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Cash App (formerly known as Square Cash) is a mobile payment service developed by Square, Inc.,  The Cash App provides a simple platform to make online transactions and in return, it charges a minimal fee for Business payments while the personal payments are not charged unless sent from a credit card. This app allows you to easily pay rents, purchase, and transfer money at just one click and with a lot of safety as well.

Contacting  through cash app Customer Service

Step 1-   In order to know how to contact cash AppFirst of all, you have to open cash App on your mobile, tap on the profile icon on top left corner of the screen, It will lead you to the menu option under which you will find menu option. Tap on the menu and go to the option cash support.

Step 2- Select “cash support” at the bottom of the screen. scroll down to find the option “cash support” at the very bottom of the screen. Tap on this option and access the “cash support menu’.

Step 3– Tap on “cash support menu” and go to the related issue which you are facing, if your issue is not present select “something else”.

Step 4-  Under ” something else” option select the issue which describes your problem.  Apart from this at the bottom of the screen, you will see an option “contact support”. This option enables you to be contacted within 24 hours by mail by call or by email. To use this option you have to send the mail to support.

Step 5- Your contact information should be correct so that support team can contact you.  After checking your contact details now explain the issue you are having.  Press continue and you will receive a confirmation notice.

Contacting through cash App website

To know how to contact cash App through website you must go through below steps

Step 1- Go to the URL on your browser, here you will find frequently ask questions. You may be lucky to find your answer, if don’t then click on something else.

Step 2- Click on “contact support” to contact cash App support team, and you will receive a form in that you can fill your issue to notify to the support team.

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